Access control

Explore roles, permissions, and access control options at an organization and application level.

Organization access control

When you set up your Inspector account, an Organization is automatically created.

An organization is essentially a container for your applications, settings, and team members.

Within the organization, you can add members and assign them different roles and permissions. This document covers the different roles and the ways you can assign permissions.

Project Permissions

You can restrict the developers access to your Inspector organization by limiting access to one or more applications without being able to access organization data.

Our authorization system give you the ability to limit the access of your collaborator to specific projects they are responsible for.

Here is a short video about “per-project” authorization:


If you want to share full control of your organization data with other team members you can assign them the Admin role.

"Admin" permission allows users to view/delete organization's projects and to access and modify organization informations (billing, subscription plan, users, etc...).

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