Exceptions Monitoring

Catch a real-time diagnosis of your application's exceptions.

Manual reporting

Inspector allows you to report exceptions manually if you want be aware of it but you don't want to block the execution of your code:

try {

     * Your dangerous code here.

} catch (\Exception $exception) {
    // Report an exception intentionally to collect diagnostics data

If something goes wrong in your code you will be alerted in real time in your inbox and the exception will be monitored for all subsequent occurrences.

Use PHP global handler

In alternative you can use the PHP global exceptions handler to be sure that any unhandled exception will be reported in your Inspector dashboard:

set_exception_handler(function (Throwable $exception) use ($inspector) {
    // Other exception management tasks...

Exception monitoring

When an exception is detected you can read the code inside the stacktrace, and monitor its occurrences frequency for a better investigation:

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