Custom Segments

Monitor custom code blocks inside your application.

Inspector automatically creates a basic timeline to see what happen inside your application. It will report many type of statements by default.

Segments give you the opportunity to "monitor" specific code bloks that you consider relevant for your app to create a more complete picture of what's happening on any execution cycle.

What are segments?

Segments represents tasks performed during an execution cycle, like:

  • Http call to external services (webhooks, integration, etc.)

  • Functions that deal with files (pdf, excel, images)

  • Data manipulation processes (import/export, data aggregation, etc.)

Below you can see an example of how custom segments will appear in the timeline:

You can learn how to add custom segments from the code examples below based on the technology or framework you use:

PHP (PHP, Laravel, Symfony, Slim, CodeIgniter)

NodeJs (nodejs, express, fastify)

Python (Django)

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