Welcome to the Inspector developer documentation.

Inspector is a real-time monitoring & alerting software that helps developers to identify bug and bottlenecks in their application before users stumble onto the problem.

It take less than one minute to be fully integrated in your backend. You need just one command to install our library in your application, than it starts to automatically monitor your application in real-time allowing you to identify unexpected behaviours at a glance.

Thanks to our libraries you will be able to add performance and errors reports of any custom code block inside your backend and create a real-time picture of what your application does on every execution cycle.

This documentation will help you to start working with Inspector in just a few minutes, as well as support if you get stuck.

Below are the supported technologies. Choose the one your application is built with.

Supported Platforms





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To 3.0 from 2.x

Laravel / Lumen

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To 4.0 from 2.x or 3.x


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All connections with Inspector API are secured by an industry-standard 256-bit HTTPS Encryption. Furthermore our data storage and analysis infrastructure is not accessible from the public internet.


Inspector is designed to be completely transparent from your client point of view. It collect and send data to our inspection API asynchronuosly. This means that it doesn't introduce any latency in your code execution.