Welcome to the Inspector developer documentation.

Inspector is a Code Execution Monitoring tool that helps software developers to identify bugs and bottlenecks in their application automatically. Before users stumble onto the problem.

Installing our library you will be able to visualize what your application is doing on every execution cycle, and identify unexpected behavior at a glance.

This documentation will help you to start working with Inspector in just a few minutes, as well as support if you get stuck.

Below are the supported technologies. Choose the one your application is built with.

Supported Platforms

PHPLaravel / LumenSymfonySlimCodeIgniterNodeJSExpressJsFastifyPython

Security and compliance

Inspector is committed to deliver a powerful and easy-to-use monitoring platform while keeping your data secure. The security of our systems is of the utmost importance and we consistently aim to improve our security posture by building it into every layer of our products.

Encryption of data

Inspector datastores and their client communications are encrypted throughout the Inspector platform both in transit and at rest.

At rest

Our storage and analysis infrastructure is not accessible from the public internet and data are encrypted at the sotrage level. This helps mitigate the risk of unintentional or malicious access to user data.

In transit

All connections with Inspector API are secured by an industry-standard 256-bit HTTPS Encryption.


Inspector is designed to be completely transparent from your users point of view. It collects and sends data to our inspection API asynchronuosly. This means that it doesn't introduce any latency in your code execution.


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