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Send notifications to your Google Chat space.

How to create a webhook in Google Chat

Webhooks allow any external apps to share content in Google Chat spaces. To add a webhook to a Google Chat space follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to the space where you want to add the webhook (or create a new space);

  2. Click on the space title to expand the menu, and then click Apps & Integrations;

  3. Click +Add webhooks;

  4. In the Avatar URL field, enter:

  5. Click Save.

You can read more about webhooks on the official Google Chat documentation:

Install the Google Chat channel

  1. Navigate to Notifications Channels;

  2. Click Configure in the Google Chat channel to open the configuration screen;

  3. Paste the incoming webhook url generated in the steps above;

  4. Activate the type of notifications you want to forward to this channel;

  5. Click Enable Channel, and confirm your choice.

Remember to click "Save" after any change to make the channel settings effective.

If you want to disable the channel click "Disconnect" and confirm your choise.

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