Customize the monitoring strategy in your Symfony application.

Here is the list of bundle options you can use to customize how Inspector collects data within your application.


Turn on/off monitoring in your application:

    ingestion_key: '%env(INSPECTOR_INGESTION_KEY)%'
    # True by default
    enabled: true

Unhandled exceptions

Turn on/off the unhandled exceptions reporting:

    ingestion_key: '%env(INSPECTOR_INGESTION_KEY)%'
    # True by default
    unhandled_exceptions: true


Turn on/off monitoring of database statements:

    ingestion_key: '%env(INSPECTOR_INGESTION_KEY)%'
    # True by default
    query: true
    query_bindings: true

query_bindings option allows you to collect the content of the parameters binded to a query.

Ignore transactions

There may be parts of the application that you are not interested in monitoring. Maybe they were created for internal use, or for application maintainance, and have no impact on the user experience in production.

Inspector provides you several options to keep off the noise, and only monitor what metter.

Ignore URLs

You can turn off monitoring based on url. Paste the "ignore_urls" option below into the config/packages/inspector.yaml file to add your custom entries:

    ingestion_key: '%env(INSPECTOR_INGESTION_KEY)%'
        - '_wdt'
        - '_profiler'
        - '_profiler_home'
        - '_profiler_search'
        - '_profiler_search_bar'
        - '_profiler_phpinfo'
        - '_profiler_search_results'
        - '_profiler_open_file'
        - '_profiler_router'
        - '_profiler_exception'
        - '_profiler_exception_css'

As you can see above, we exclude several http endpoints by default. You can continue adding yours as needed.

Ignore Commands

You can ignore commands adding the command defaultName to the ignore_commands collection in the config/packages/inspector.yaml file.

    ingestion_key: '%env(INSPECTOR_INGESTION_KEY)%'
        - 'app:create-user'

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