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Send notifications to Telegram users.
In order to receive notifications directly in the Telegram app you need to accomplish two steps:

How to get the Telegram user ID?

The steps are the same for desktop and mobile apps. First, open your Telegram app. Then, type "userinfobot" in your contacts search bar. If you can't find this "profile", try adding an "@" in front of the search query. When you’ve located @userinfobot, click or tap it. Then, select Start at the bottom of the chat.
How to search the user info bot.
By clicking Start, you’ve automatically entered "/start." It will prompt the bot to display your user ID, as well as your selected first name, last name, and the language of choice.
The response by the user bot.
Copy the value of the ID field and add it in the configuration of the notification channel.
The Telegram channel configuration screen.
Click Save or Enable channel in case of the first activation.

Start a chat with the Inspector bot

In order to be able to send you messages in your telegram app there must be an active chat with the bot.
Open this link and click Start to start a chat:
The Start button to open a chat with Inspector bot.