Send notifications to your Discord channel.

Creating a Discord Channel and Webhook

Let's start by creating a new Discord channel. To do so, go to your Discord server and then click on the + next to the 'Text channels':

After that, set the channel to 'Text Channel', choose a channel name and choose if you want to have the channel private or not:

Once you have your channel ready, click on edit -> and then go to the Integrations tab -> and in there click on the Create Webhook button.

In there, type Inspector Bot as webhook name and copy the Webhook URL:

Copy the Webhook URL as we will use it in the next step when we set up the notification channel!

You can use our square logo as Bot icon:

Attach the Discord Notification Channel to your project

  • Navigate to the project Settings → Notifications Channels screen;

  • Click Configure in the Discord channel to open the configuration screen;

  • Paste the webhook url in the Webhook field;

  • Activate the notifications you want forward via this channel.

Click Save to start receiving notifications:

If you want to disable the channel click "Disconnect" and confirm your choise.

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