AI Bug Fixer

Real-Time code change proposals that automatically fix application errors.

Inspector is designed to automatically generates code change proposals to fix application errors detected in real-time. You will be able to do your code review and commit or create a Pull Request directly from the Inspector dashboard without any human intervention in between.

To enable AI Bug Fixer you should connect your Inspector account with a source control providers.

Connect to source control providers

Navigate to the Source Control section in the Organization menu.

Click on the connect button to follow the installation process. Make sure to grant the Inspector app access to the repositories you want to connect to. You will be redirected to this page.

Configure the application repository

Once you enabled the connection with the source control, you should associate a repository in the applications you want to enable AI Bug Fixer.

Pick the application you want and navigate to the Monitoring dashboard and access the AI Bug Fixer tab.

Here are the configurations you need:

  • The repository to connect from the source control provider;

  • The default branch you want Inspector to connect to;

  • The root path of the application on your production server;

How to find the root path on the server

SSH into your server and go to the directory where your application is located:

> cd app-directory/

Execute the pwd command to see the full root path on the server:

> pwd

Paste the output into the input field in the configuration form.

Click Save to activate the integration.

Review The Code Change Proposal

Once an error is detected, Inspector will use the gathered information to generate a code change proposal that may fix the error.

You can explore the proposal in a DIFF view with two options: "Commit", and "Create Pull Request".

Commit allows you to directly publish the proposed change in the repository you previously configured.

Create Pull Request will open a change request in a side branch that could be reviewed from other collaborators.

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