Connect your application with Inspector.

Server requirements

  • PHP >= 7.2

  • Laravel >= 5.5


Type the command below in your terminal to install the latest version of the package:

composer require inspector-apm/inspector-laravel

Common installation issue

If you have a cached version of your laravel configuration an error can appear in your console during installation like:

Error on Configuration.php...

You simply need to clear your cached configuration:

php artisan config:clear

and than run:

composer dump-autoload

Configure the API key

Get a fresh API key by signing up for Inspector ( and creating a new application.

Put the Inspector API key in your environment file:


Test everything is working

Execute our test command to check if your app send data to inspector correctly:

php artisan inspector:test

Go to to explore your data.

Background Monitoring

By default Inspector will monitor everything executed in background:

  • Queued Jobs

  • Artisan commands

  • Unhandled Exceptions

If you want learn more about background jobs monitoring take a look on our article:‚Äč

Go the Http Request Monitoring section to understand how to trace your application when it's executed due to an http request.