Send notifications to your Slack workspace.
Navigate to the project you want to integrate with Slack.
  • Click Settings → Notifications Channels
  • Click Configure in the Slack channel to open the configuration screen
  • Click Connect with Slack
  • Allow Inspector app to interact with your Slack account.
Slask authorization screen
  • Select the channel or group you wish to receive messages for
  • Select the notifications you want receive
Slack channel settings
  • Click Save
Congrats! Slack is now integrated with Inspector and you'll receive our messages directly in your Slack workspace.
Remember to click "Save" after any change in the channel settings.
If you want to disable the channel click "Disconnect" and confirm your choise.
Slack has 1 message per second rate limiter. Sometimes the Slack API could allows more higher rate but in general Slack shouldn't be used for notifications with an high volume of messages (e.g. ErrorOccurrenceNotification).
Last modified 2mo ago
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