Notification Channels
Routes important alerts to your preferred service.
Inspector is able to detect a variety of events in your application for which you can be notified in Real-Time.

What types of notifications can you receive?

New Error
When a brand new error is detected.
10^nth Error Occurrence
When an error occurs 10, 100, 1000+ times.
Error Frequency
When the frequency of an error rears up.
Error Occurrence
Every time an error occurrence is detected.
When a brand new transaction is detected.
On an alert threshold violation.

Supported channels

Thanks to channels you can connect the monitoring system with your workspace sending notifications across a variety of tools, including E-mail, Slack, Webhooks, SMS, and others.
You can enable one or more channels for each application, distributing different notifications on different channels based on your preferences and priorities.
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What types of notifications can you receive?
Supported channels