Focus your attention on specific parts of your system.


Inspector provides you a smart filtering feature that allows you to explore any parts of your architecture for a faster investigation.

Inspector filters bar

You can visualize performance statistics of a sub-group of your transactions and not only for the whole application. Applying a filtering logic to your Monitoring dashboard you can create a custom view to keep under control specific parts of your application.

Let me show you a real world example.

In a common scenario your application will generate a transactions table like this:

You can see API calls, jobs, and requests generated by your application.

You can create a report to analyze only the API section of the app to keep under control if API development is going in the right way or this component of your system it is worsening its performance.

Type api* in the filter box and click Search:

Your table now contains only api related transactions and the performance chart is generated considering only this sub-groups of transactions.

You can save this fitler to reload the report in the future with one click: